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Remember the days we were open for business? 

When our customers would come into the shop to have a look around and spend pleasurable time browsing, touching and smelling our various products. 

When their children would be milling around as we listen to the inevitable

mantra “don’t touch!!!” from their nervous parents. It was in the retail bible: the more your customers can touch, the more they will connect with the lovely gift before it is brought to the till. 

And what about the days when the shop was rammed full of people, with us weaving our way through the aisles in order to fetch something that someone at the counter is asking for? 

And finally remember, those wonderful days when a queue was building up at the till and with us telling jokes to keep everyone happy until it is their turn to be served.   

We don’t know much about the future!

Because we are still in “one day at a time, time”. But this much is sure: nothing will be the same again and it will be some time before this virus, which is here to stay – is integrated into the long list of treatable diseases.

So here we are, us retailers with a new challenge:

            No longer can we have a full shop with customers and their children touching all the products. We need to give people space to be safe in our shops and to change the way we sell, so people and our staff are safe. 

Let’s do it! Now is the best time. 

How to transform our shop premises, many which are charmingly tiny and rammed full of merchandise – into spaces that enable social distancing.  

In the next weeks we will be giving some ideas and tips what can be done. 

In the meantime please keep safe and happy.