Plaristo UK Ltd. – Natural Candles and Lights.

Life without Trade Fairs

One of the outcomes of the Covid pandemic is, of course, the cancellation of trade fairs. Sadly, this means that we will not be seeing you all at the Autumn Fair, and you won’t be able to see our new products and meet new suppliers.

Plaristo has joined forces with 3 other exhibitors whom we know well and can recommend. Each of these companies supply high quality products to retailers such as yourselves. We are emailing all our existing customers about this. As time goes on, we expect that more good quality suppliers will join this initiative and we will keep you informed as they come on board.

I hope that this initiative proves beneficial to you in your preparations for the upcoming festive season. I also hope that you are managing to navigate your business through this difficult and challenging period and that together we can all emerge into better and happier times.

The other companies participating in this initiative are below. Click on the images to see their websites

LUXA — artistry in light