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Transform your small shop into a well functioning, social distancing shop

Social distancing in a gift shop? What can be done? 

Like us you may well be pondering this question right now. How do we make our staff and customers safe in our small shops that are crammed full of products? 

Here are a few tips to contribute to your thinking, maybe you will share your ideas with us? 

  1. If it is not already there, now is the time to move the counter near the entrance. This enables you immediate contact with your customers as they enter and exit your shop, This way you can control how many people enter at once, ensure they wear a face covering and keep their distance.
  2. Put signs outside to inform your customers how many people can safely fit into your shop at one time. You can work this out by marking your floor area every two meters. 
  3. If your shop is too small to allow people inside, create a counter by the door and serve people to the outside.
  4. Take away all central aisles, create shelving along the walls and put a counter in front. This way people can see the products behind the counter, you can make some beautiful displays on the counter for people to touch and for you to regularly clean. Arrange the shop in such a way that it is just you who handles the products people buy. 
  5. Make sure you have disinfectant hand cleaners at the entrance for people to use as they enter
  6. Have spare- clean, wrapped, washable face covers to give to people, who are not wearing their own. Ask for them to be placed in a laundry basket by the door, as they leave. Be sure to be wearing gloves and your own face mask, as you handle them for washing. If they are white cotton, you can wash them at a good temperature and re-use. 
  7. Use (and sell) a diffuser with Essential Oils to stimulate immunity, such as Chamomile, Herb Garden, Eucalyptus, Peppermint 
  8. Create a peaceful, happy atmosphere in your shop. Fear and tension is like a magnet to this virus
  9.  Tell your customers in every available platform that you are a social distancing shop, it will give confidence to shop in your business
  10. If your staff want to war mask, make sure they are happy, friendly masks, remember – first impressions still count.