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please tell us how you are

Dear All

This email comes with our sincerely hope that you and yours are well. 

As I am writing, April has been and gone, spent in lockdown with all our businesses closed. We often think about you. How are you doing? Did you get ill? Is everyone in your family still with you? Have you lost any friends? 

Although without tests we cannot be sure, but we were battling with symptoms during the first few weeks of lockdown. Now we are well and busy preparing the business for the future. 

At the moment our warehouse, whilst fulfilling any orders that are still coming in, is very quiet. However those of you who have called, as always had a cheerful Chrissie at the other end of the phone and she very much enjoys hearing from you.  

What will be the future of the gift sector? News about physical shops on the High Street is depressing but judging by the parcels we sent off every day, glowing glasses, dome lights, carousels and dinner candles are still very much enjoyed, and people still love giving. And then there is the wonderful world of Midene, animals that make us smile.  

To everyone’s surprise, we started our business with a small shop during the last recession in 2014 and the relatively low cost, but beautiful and uplifting gifts, which we were offering became very popular. We are sure that our sector will be back to life very quickly again. 

I am also writing to ask for your help today. Although Autumn Fair still insists that it will take place in September, we very much doubt that!  Thus, we are wondering how we can best help you to prepare for your Christmas Season? How will you do your buying and ordering? 

On our website, via email or on the phone as many of you usually do? Please drop us a line and let us know how you are doing and what you are thinking about the future of your business. We would love to hear from you. 

For now, I send you our best wishes with warm greetings from all of us at Plaristo

Yours Silvia with Nick and Chrissie