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Autumn orders rolling in

More please!!

Hi, Unbelievably popular! – writes Guy from his busy shop in Penzance.

This is his 3rd order since he saw us for the first time at our stand during the autumn fair in September.
We love this time of year: emails are flying in with requests and orders, the phone doesn’t stop ringing and Silvia is trying hard to keep up with writing up orders for Chrissie, who is packing them all up in the warehouse. Meanwhile Nick is drilling rows upon rows of lampshades and calling in more stock from our suppliers. No wonder all those cold calls are getting short shift!


These parcels are waiting for our daily transport; soon they will be on the road with the green lorry, carrying them swiftly carried to all corners of the UK, to your shops.

more stock arriving, for a few days our warehouse is bursting in it's seams

More stock arriving! For a few days our warehouse is bursting in it’s seams


our next blog: sharing what works:  how  your customers get the best out of these beautiful products.